Why Clients Choose Us

Melbourne Business Valuations are Melbourne’s leading Business Valuation firm catering for all business types. Our clients choose us because we are uniquely qualified to understand and interpret your business earnings and apply them to industry multiples and benchmarks.

Our team of Senior Business Valuers have a combined 300 years experience in commercial accounting, account management and forensic reporting within the commercial sector. This means our Business Valuers are not only qualified accountants, but they have years of strategic planning and execution experience to adequately understand the nature of your business. From here, our team can forensically analyse your financial documents and have the expertise to use a range of alternative methodologies to apply to your business. In turn, our team can accurately interpret the findings to reach its fair market value.

In addition to this, our Senior Business Valuers have been providing Business Valuations across all business types including start up companies, small to medium enterprises and larger entities. Our team have the unique insight into the strategic execution of best business practices and business operations to truly understand your business and its value.

Our clients choose to reach out to us because we offer quality service, incomparable experience and expert advice. Our team have a world of knowledge concerning the financial management to not only calculate formulas but to also interpret business value using ATO benchmarks and industry based multiples. With a team of experts in your corner, our Senior Business Valuers will liaise with you to discuss the intricacies of your business and any influencing factors into its value.

At Melbourne Business Valuations, we always strive towards ensuring our clients are receiving the premium service that they deserve. We understand that every business is unique, so we firmly believe that the expertise and insight into your business should be completed by an industry professional who truly understands.

Our Senior Business Valuers are all Chartered Accountants and Members of the Institute of Public Accountants with a niched expertise in commercial accounting. This means that clients know that they are getting the very best for their business. Our clients place their trust in our team because we have the industry knowledge, credentials and experience to provide our clients with a professionally detailed, independent and accurate report.

If you require a Business Valuation or are in need of more information, reach out to our expert team on (03) 7036 1688.