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Who are we?

Melbourne Business Valuations are the leading experts in providing valuation reports for all business types. With a combined experience of over 300 years, each of our specialised Senior Business Valuers are experts in financial management and commercial accounting. We pride ourselves on being able to truly understand your business and determine its accurate value.

Our team of expert team have expertise in forensic reporting, management accounting and the long-term strategic direction of business operations, making them uniquely qualified to value your business. Using a range of alternative methodologies, our Valuers have an exclusive insight into the analysis of your business operations to suit a range of purposes.

Each of our Senior Business Valuers can provide a professionally detailed Business Valuation either at a current market value or at a chosen retrospective date. Our background in commercial accounting and business valuations makes us a preferred choice with our clients.

What do we do?

Melbourne Business Valuations provide valuation reports for all business types to establish the value of the business, either at its current market value or a chosen retrospective date. Each report is researched and complied by one of our Senior Business Valuers detailing an analysis on the business using a specific methodology that suits the parameters of your business. Our clients utilise our services for a range of purposes, including, but not excluded to:

  • Family Law Court
  • Litigation proceedings
  • Pre-purchase/Pre-sale advice – for either whole or part ownership
  • Exit Planning Strategy
  • Taxation
  • Family Planning
  • Strategic Planning

Our Senior Business Valuers will forensically analyse your business’s historical financial statements and compare its position against industry benchmarks to determine where it sits in the current market. From here, all reports will include a foundational SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis of where your business sits in its industry. Moreover, we will use alternative methodologies to analyse and interpret your businesses value. Depending on your business, our Senior Business Valuers will use one of the following methodologies:

  • Capitalisation of Future Maintainable Earnings
  • Net-assets Approach
  • Discounted Cash Flow

Whatever formula we use will produce a definitive result on how your business sits within the current market. From here, our specialised team will further interpret this across a range of variables industry multiples and benchmarks.

How can we help?

At Melbourne Business Valuations, we always strive to help our clients in any way we can. We take pride in producing quality, comprehensive and transparent Business Valuations that analyse and interpret a business’s assets, revenue and historical stability. With an expert team of Business Valuers, we can guarantee the best service and a professionally detailed Business Valuation to suit your requirements.

Our Business Valuation reports are professionally formatted comply with the Federal and State Courts for Family Law and any Litigation matter. Furthermore, our Business Valuations are all prepared in accordance with Australian and International Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards (APES). Our Senior Business Valuers take care to fulfill the requirements of competence, care accuracy and due diligence for all of our clients and take pride in remaining independent. From this, we guarantee our clients confidentiality and complete transparency.

Seeking out a professionally detailed, independent Business Valuation is the key to truly understanding your business’s value. Whether it’s time to sell or take on a business partner, or requiring a valuation for settlement purposes, a Business Valuation will determine the correct and accurate market value of your business.

What is the process?

At Melbourne Business Valuations, we work hard so our clients don’t have to. When first enquiring one of our Senior Business Valuers will contact you directly to discuss your requirements. From here, you will be requested to send through the following:

  • A list of tangible and intangible assets
  • Historical and current financial statements
  • General business details such as wages, staff lists and business procedures

We understand that every business is unique and some of these requests are not always possible, however, our Senior Business Valuers will be able to guide you through the process.

At Melbourne Business Valuations, we understand how important your business means to you. With an exclusive perspective on best business practices and a background in commercial accounting, strategic execution and management accounting, our specialised team are the ideal choice to determine the value of your business.

Whether you require a valuation for Family Law, strategic planning or pre-purchase/pre-sale advice, we can provide you with a professionally detailed Business Valuation.

If you require a Business Valuation for your next business-related decision, please contact our specialised team on (03) 7036 1688 or complete an online enquiry.