With over 30 years experience in financial management and commercial accounting, our Senior Business Valuers provide professionally detailed Business Valuations for a variety of purposes. With leading industry knowledge and specialised expertise in business operations and strategic direction, our Business Valuer can cater for all business types.

Our clients reach out to us for a range of purposes when requiring a Business Valuation. When it comes to determining the value of a business, our clients ask us to help them with an amalgamation of reasons, including but not excluding to:

  • Family Planning
  • Taxation
  • Family Law Court/Litigation
  • Marriage Settlement
  • Exit planning Strategy
  • Pre-Purchase/Pre-Sale Advice for either whole or part ownership
  • Strategic Planning

Our clients rely on our specialised expertise to provide a comprehensive Business Valuation that is suited to their requirements. Our team of Senior Business Valuers are Professionally Qualified Accountants with niched expertise in commercial accounting, management accounting and forensic reporting to truly understand the detailing of how your business operates. This specialised experience allows our Business Valuers to accurately interpret market conditions, historical financial statements and other variables that are used to determine your business’s value.

Our reports are regularly used in conjunction with litigation and court proceedings while upholding to government, ATO and judicial requirements and ethical guidelines as outlined by the Accounting Professional Ethical Standards (APES).

At Melbourne Business Valuations, we cater for a range of purposes across all business types. Our team of Senior Business Valuers work with our clients throughout the valuation process to ensure an accurate, transparent report. If you require a Business Valuation for any purpose, reach out to our specialised team on (03) 7036 1688